Certificates requested via Class Super, SuperMate and BGL Simple Fund 360

                           $120 +GST

We prepare actuarial certificates for SMSFs and help you meet your compliance needs.

Our sole focus is to prepare actuarial calculations and certificates of income tax exemption for Self Managed Super Funds that have a combination of pension and accumulation accounts.

We prepare and deliver the certificate same day and always ensure that this aspect of your clients SMSF compliance is 100% correct.

Getting an instant percentage means your staff can complete the year end as a one step process and you improve your turnaround time of SMSF delivery to your auditors and to your clients. Find out more

ATO corrects misunderstanding on changes to Actuarial Certificate requirements

The ATO have agreed that in those circumstances where current industry practice is to not obtain an actuarial certificate is appropriate.  This overturns the suggestions that 'segregation by default' was no longer allowable, and the indication that obtaining an actuarial certificate was not optional in those circumstances where the benefit to the Trustees was less than the cost of a certificate.

See our SMSF Knowhow and Insights page for further information.

Recent Average Turnaround Times for Act2 Certificates:

Month Average Turnaround
across all platforms*
16 mins
13 mins
September 11 mins

* Average turnaround times vary by platform. These figures represent the average time to process and email all certificates across all platforms. Significant processing efficiencies implemented in August/September appear to have paid off.