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Applying for a Certificate is Easy

Act2 are fully integrated with the major SMSF admin platforms. Simply select Act2 as your preferred provider when requesting certificates via:

Should you require assistance requesting your certificate via these platforms, feel free to contact us 1800 230 737


Simply download an Assisted ABP form (or email us and request one), fill it out and see for yourself how the year looked (graphically) from a pension versus accumulation perspective. You will also be given the percentage right there ready to use.

We offer both assisted and unassisted forms.

  1. Assisted form: If you have not completed many of these application forms, each field in the form has a "pop-up" tip to indicate what should be entered into that field.
  2. Unassisted form: Once you're used to these forms, the pop-ups can get to be a hassle so here's one without the pop-ups!

Account Based Pension

Assisted Form

Unassisted Form

Defined Benefit Pension

Assisted Form

Unassisted Form

To apply for an actuarial certificate, simply download the relevant Excel Assisted Form (above) to your computer. Open the form in Excel, complete, save and email it through to us.

Alternatively you can call the team on 1800 230 737 and get them to email you an application form.

Once sent you will quickly receive an email confirming that the application form has been received and once the calculation is complete you will receive the certificate, a letter to the trustees and the invoice.

Account-Based Pension Forms

The Account-Based Pension Forms show the Tax Exempt Percentage prior to submissions (Assisted and Unassisted).

These forms provide the tax exempt percentage prior to sending through the application form for processing. The result is subject to checking and form consistency but provides the accurate result in all but the most complex of circumstances.

Tips to Completing the
Form to Save Time

Company Details

Save your company and contact details in the form so you don't have to enter them each time.

Additional Contact

If you would like an additional copy of the certificate, letter and invoice emailed to someone else (e.g. the trustees, a colleague or your supervisor) enter their name and email address. If this is not required - simply leave blank.

Trustee Details

If the Fund has a Corporate Trustee, ONLY enter the name of that Corporate Trustee (The ACN and directors information is not necessary).

When listing individual trustees, only the full name of ONE trustee is required, however if you believe your clients might feel happier with all trustees listed - list them all, they will all appear in the certificate.

Member Details

Only enter the details of those members with non-zero accounts in the Fund during the year.

Segregated Assets

Some Funds will have an asset or a set of assets segregated from the remainder of the Fund. If this is the case, only list the balances of the unsegregated pool of assets in the application form and indicate that there were segregated assets in the space provided.

Opening balances

Remember that we're preparing a calculation of the tax exempt percentage and a corresponding certificate, we are NOT auditing the Fund. So, it isn't vital that we know how many pensions each member has or what type of pension they are (as long as they're NOT Defined Benefit Pensions)

Since we're not the auditors, keep things simple. One column, one accumulation balance and one pension balance per member. If a member has multiple pensions, aggregate their opening balances to one amount.

If a pension commenced on 1st July, it isn't significant to the calculation or the certificate that the pension commenced on that date, what it effectively means is that from the start of the financial year this pension was in place. So:

  • Show the opening balances as they were AFTER the pension commenced
  • Don't include the pension commencement details in the Internal Transfer list
  • If an existing pension was commuted (on 1st July) and a new pension commenced with this balance plus the existing accumulation balance (aggregation) simply show the entire opening balance in Pension.

Internal Transfers

Please check that the “from account” and “to account” details are correct.


These don't need to be broken down into Concessional and Non-Concessional.

Benefits Paid

In the Transaction Dates section it can be shown whether the benefits were paid from the Pension or the Accumulation account.

Net Income

This is not used in the calculation so is not vital to the application form, however many clients prefer to be able to provide this figure so they can be comfortable the closing balance matches their financials.

Total Fund Balance

This is only required if there were Segregated Assets that weren't included in the application form. Please include them in the Total Fund Balance (required in the certificate by regulation).

Transaction Dates

The timing of transactions is vital to the accurate calculation of the tax exempt percentage. It is therefore very important that these details are provided accurately. Please ensure that all member transactions (Contributions, Transfers In and Benefits Paid) are listed in the Transaction Dates section.

  • Multiple Transactions

    Whilst there is room on the form to list up to 80 transaction date entries, it is not expected that you will exhaustively list each transaction when there are a large number of them.

    • Uniform Transactions: If Pension Benefits or Contributions are regular and even throughout the year, show one entry for the ANNUAL TOTAL of these uniform transactions without a transaction date. We will interpret this as that amount being spread evenly throughout the year.
    • e.g. Pension Benefit (without a date) 60,000 - this tells us that the member received $60K in Pension Benefits spread evenly throughout the year (roughly $5K per month)
    • Monthly Transaction Summary: When things are messy and there are many Pension Benefits or Contributions each month, rather than list each one - list 12 monthly summaries of these transactions using the middle date (usually 15th) of the month as the transaction date.
  • Multiple Transactions on the same date

    Each row can handle details of the same type of transaction (Contribution, Transfer In, Pension Benefit or Accumulation Benefit) for multiple members on the same date.

For all other transactions, please list transactions individually.

What You Will Receive From Us

Letter to Trustees and
Actuarial Certificate

Download sample letter and certificate

Tax invoice

Download sample invoice

Treasury Laws Amendment (Fair and Sustainable Superannuation) Regulations 2017 have now been registered. It amends a number of regulations to give effect to the Government’s Superannuation Reform Package, legislated by the Treasury Laws Amendment (Fair and Sustainable Superannuation) Act 2016.

The measure to remove actuarial tax certificates has NOT been proceeded with, therefore the current requirement to obtain an actuarial certificate in applying the proportionate method to calculating the ECPI deduction when a fund has both pension and accumulation interests will remain.

More about these measures can be found here, https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2017L00321/Download or please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Defined Benefit Pensions

Every year a certificate is required to determine both the Adequacy of the DB Pension/s within the Fund and also to determine what proportion of the income of the Fund is eligible to be exempted from income tax.

Account-Based Pensions

A certificate is only required in those years where there is a combination of pension and accumulation accounts and the pension assets aren't fully segregated from the accumulation assets.

It is a requirement that the tax exemption certificates are obtained prior to submission of the income tax return for the Superannuation Fund.

Please visit the ATO website for further information.

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