Articles explaining current SMSF technical topics in an easy to understand format

TechDoc September 2019

Ability To Claim Ecpi When The Minimum Pension Standards Have Not Been Met

Just realised that an Account Based Pension has not met the Minimum Pension Standards? You still might be in luck.

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TechDoc July 2019

Maximising Exempt Current Pension Income

Easy to understand strategies on how to maximise Exempt Current Pension Income (ECPI)

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TechDoc May 2019

Does your SMSF require an actuarial certificate?

This quick and easy to use flowchart will help to decipher if your SMSF requires an actuarial certificate for the financial year in question

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TechDoc February 2019

Meeting the minimum pension standards – 5 common mistakes

Failing to meet the minimum pension standard can result in loss of tax-exempt earnings. We have broken down the 5 most common mistakes we see calculating ECPI

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TechDoc October 2018

Your ECPI checklist for 2017/18

Our easy-to-use checklist will take the headache out of making sure you are up to date with the ECPI changes effective 1 July 2017.

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TechDoc August 2018

Important changes to Act2 actuarial certificates

In line with the ECPI changes that came into effect for the 2017/18 year, Act2 have added two important new sections to their actuarial certificates.

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TechDoc July 2018

Transition to Retirement Income Streams: what has changed?

Are you aware of the changes to tax exemption on TRIS earnings effective 1 July 2017?

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TechDoc May 2018

Deemed Segregation: The Beginner's Guide

This is the first of several articles we will release to get you up to speed with the deemed segregation rules effective 1 July 2017, and how they affect ECPI.

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TechDoc April 2018

Is your SMSF eligible to use the segregated method?

Using the unsegregated or segregated method for the purpose of claiming Exempt Current Pension Income (ECPI) will no longer be a choice for some SMSFs

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